Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hair Progress

Hi Curlies!

So I just had my hair professionally trimmed for the first time since I BC in June 2011. Normally, I would trim any split ends myself, but I had my hair flat ironed and wanted my hair more even. Since I wear my hair 98% curly now, I wasn't too concerned about the uneven layers, but I wanted a even starting point as I enter Hairscapades GOC. Does anyone else go to a professional for haircuts/trims or do you feel more comfortable with doing it yourself?

Pre-Poo Regimen

Hi Curlies!

Well, I decide to incorporate a pre-poo regime in my weekly wash routine. Since the weather is getting warmer and I will more likely be doing more wash and go, I want to ensure my hair has enough moisture to combat any frizzy hair. Even though I have a lot of hair, its mainly  thin strands bunch together so I don't want to deal with single strand knots. My hair doesn't really like heavy oils and butters , so I decided to mix EVOO, Castor and Rosemary oil together as a pre-poo solution. I don't do any measurements, just ensure I have enough to cover all my hair, but I generally use more EVOO than the other two ingredients. I normally rinse my hair of any product build-up using just my hands with warm water and apply the oil mix from scalp to the ends of my hair. Then I wear a shower cap and cover with a heavy scarf. Typically, I add a hair bonnet and wear overnight to let my body heat activate the oils into my hair and scalp. Then depending on how I wish to style my hair for the week, I will just co-wash and style as normal. I'm going to consistently do this for the next month and see if I notice a difference in how my hair feels. Hope this works for others. Let me know what you think :) Until later, See you on the flip-side.