Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Grow Out Challenge- Week One

Hi Curlies!

So, I decide to participate in Hairscapades' GOC (Grow Out Challenge) for the next six months so I can focus on regrowing my edges and loosing much needed extra weight. You can check out my post at the following link: As far as the hair regimen, I'm going to follow my normal routine right now, but I have been thinking about trying the Curly Girl Method (CG Method) to combat the frizz and add moisture to my hair. In May, I plan to purchase the Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl Handbook to read up more on the subject. My favorite hair blogger/YouTuber is MahoganyCurls and she provides very detailed information on both her YouTube page and her hair blog. As the only way I know to regrow my edges is to use Castor Oil, I will be looking for an alternative option since Lorraine explains Castor Oil is not friendly for the CG Method. However, I will do my homework and at least try it for a few months to see if the CG Method will work for me or not.

As far as the Weight Loss, I have hit the pavement running! I have been working out 2x a day and will try to post updates on pounds lost once a month during the challenge. So far, I know I have lost inches just from the way my clothes are fitting, however my weight have remained steady at 257. I'm thinking of investing in the Supreme 90 tapes to get over this apparent plateau and see how it goes from there. Again, thanks for all the support and comments I have received so far! If anyone has any helpful tips on regrowing edges or weight loss tips, please leave a comment.




Edges are growing in nicely (Look like baby hairs, lol). I will continue to oil my edges using JBCO to see if more growth will occur. However, once I'm done reading the Curly Girl Method (just purchased the handbook from Amazon, yeah!), I might need to modify what I will use in the future. As far as the weight, I am holding steady at 257 so I definitely will be buying the Supreme 90 DVD. I will try to blog about my experiences, good or bad, once a month during the challenge.

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