Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hair Maintenance- Hot Summer Months

Hi Curlies!

I'm back after a much needed rest :) Well, reason I'm here today is to talk about this hot weather. Can we say my hair was parched like the Sahara Desert! Don't get me wrong, I love big hair (aka Diana Ross), but I was looking a half curly, half frizzy mess!

So, I need to find a way to keep my hair well moisturized during the upcoming hot summer months. I've been following the Curly Girl Method for the past two months and have love the results. My hair has grown a lot and have more definition and bounce to the curls. From doing my research (i.e. Google, Lorraine Massey's website and book, Youtube, etc), I will be more consistent in implementing a pre-poo treatment before every co-wash and will need to DC more often. However, I have to be sure to maintain a PH Balance and incorporate more protein treatments to strengthen my strands.

 I would love to use all organic non-sulfate/paraben products, so anyone has any tips or ideas? Anyone else who is following the Curly Girl Method going through the same issues? Would love to hear some feedback!

Stay Curly!


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